Medical Astrology Reading

Medical Astrology Reading

Every Month my Newsletter has a section devoted to medical advice for the Zodiacal Month.

By looking at the 4 elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water in your chart it is possible to work out your bodies temperament.


The temperament is the combination of mental, physical and emotional traits showing a person’s natural predisposition.


 The average person seems to have 1 dominant Temperament and perhaps a bit of another.


The Temperaments are:

  • Choleric – Fire, hot and dry.
  • Melancholic – Earth, cold and dry.
  • Sanguine – Air, hot and moist.
  • Phlegmatic – Water, cold and moist.


Medical astrology is knowledge of which Temperaments dominate the body and how to bring back the balance.


Balance of the temperament is necessary for a full and healthy life. Imbalance of too much heat can thicken the blood bring about anger and fatigue.


Too much cold can increase the phlegm in the body. The individual is prone to tears and a lack of motivation.

Are you concerned about your health and would like an alternative opinion?

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Too much dry is responsible for constipation and growths in the body. It can bring about depression.


Too much air can make a person anxious and cause strokes.


Your chart will show which temperament is dominant and how to maintain a healthy balance in your body.


From this information the astrologer is able to advise you on the correct diets, lifestyle and type of exercise necessary for your body type.


You  will find out the potential weaknesses and where these may be located.


HORARY Readings regards health questions can accurately tell you exactly how sick you are, what is the cause, the length of the illness and method of how to cure the disease.


The Horary will answer question on the medical practitioners you are using, are they the right person to cure you or not. Who is the right practitioner for the disease?


Horary will advise on whether the medications you are taking are helping or harming you.


Both Horary and your personal chart can show the best time for any procedure from surgical to investigative.