Horary Reading

Horary Reading

Horary – Means on the hour.

In the medieval times many people had no idea or either their time or in some cases their date of birth. The roll of Horary was a divination method of answering all their questions.


Should someone have a question brewing in their mind, they come to the Astrologer to ask about that all consuming issue they are holding onto. The time that question is understood by the Astrologer is the time that the chart is set.


The question, when in the persons mind is gestating, like a baby about to be born. When the client finally consults with a Horary Astrologer, the question is about to be birthed. The Horary chart is the birth chart of that question; it contains everything about that question the person asking about.


What can be achieved with Horary is amazing, it is one of the most accurate forms of predictions used, as with any career it’s impossible to always be 100% correct.


The question can come via email, cell phone message or telephonically, when the astrologer fully understands the question, it will be timed.

Do you have a burning question?

R 600,00 / $ 60,00

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The questions asked can be of any nature:

  • Missing objects.
  • Sales or purchase of possessions such as car, house, business or anything of value.
  • Any purchase you wish to make the Horary will show you the condition it is in, if the price is right and if the seller is to be trusted, this applies to purchasing property as well.
  • All question related to your pets, from health, happiness to missing pets.
  • Legal questions in relation to winning the case, should it go to court, your lawyer’s abilities and worth, will you be sued and will they win.
  • Financial advice, questions about salary and money coming or going, investment and time to buy or sell shares.
  • Employment – the right person for the job or not, you can even send a list of potential employees to find out the correct one for the job.
  • Medical questions.
  • Love questions.
  • Trust questions.
  • Sport or competition questions, will my team win, will I win.
  • Questions on education and virtually any question asked the Horary can provide you with the answer.
Horary astrology is the art of answering specific questions by judging an astrological chart for the moment at which the question is asked. – John Frawley Traditional Astrologer, Writer and Educator