Corporate Astrology Consulting

Corporate Astrology Consulting

Understand your employees’ nature, skills and creativity through their Birth signs.

Astrology and the zodiac can help employers understand the creative vital energy each member of staff brings to the group.


The Zodiac can describe many facets of a person’s nature. An Astrologer will cast horoscopes of members of staff. This horoscope will have the ability to highlight the strong points and emotional triggers.


The Sun sign is the zodiac sign the Sun is in when a person is born. As the Sun is the most visible planet it is very important to understand the properties this sun brings to the native of the horoscope.


The Sun is our vital energy, unconditional love and creative ability. This being said there are many ways employees are creative, not all can paint a picture or design a logo. Listed below are a few simple examples of the creative ability the Sun signs can bring to the company.


For example:

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  • The Aries type is actively inspired
  • The Taurus type is determined practicality
  • The Gemini type is adaptable intellect
  • The Cancer type is active feelings
  • The Leo type is enthusiastic
  • The Virgo type is analytical
  • The Libra type is diplomatic
  • The Scorpio type is determined
  • The Sagittarius type is expansive
  • The Capricorn type is structured
  • The Aquarian type is intuitive
  • The Pisces type is compassionate

Each Zodiac Sign has twelve different personalities according to the actual day in that sign a person is born. This is why the Leo’s as well as all the other signs do not demonstrate the same traits.


A multi layered look into the horoscope of employees will bring out these hidden traits.


For an even deeper understanding of your staff or even your client, the Astrologer can have a look at the Moon sign in the same way as the Sun sign.


The Moon describes the need that drives action as well as emotional sensitivity. The basic function of the Moon is to stimulate the responses to the conditions we live and work in.


This level of understanding will help empower staff, understand their strengths and weak points. Their productivity will improve and so too will your company.