Astrology Code of Ethics

Astrological Code of Ethics

Astrological Society of South Africa Membership Code of Ethics

Astrologers are dedicated to the development and enhancement of the human condition through an understanding of celestial phenomena as applied to human concerns. Astrologers are committed to honesty, fairness and respect for others and remain acutely aware of the need to understand themselves in order to understand and help others.

Astrologers are aware of the immense contribution astrology can make to human knowledge and wisdom and accordingly encourage an open exchange of ideas both outside and within their profession. Above all astrologers respect the potential power they hold which has the ability to affect the lives of others and they strive for the highest levels of competence and diligence.

A. General Standards

A.1 Applicability of this Code
A.2 Avoiding Harm
A.3 Boundaries of Competence
A.4 Interpretations and Forecasts
A.5 Responsibilities to Others
A.6 Human Differences
A.7 Personal Problems and Conflicts
A.8 Sexual Conduct
A.9 Third Party Services

B. Confidentiality

B.1 Maintaining Confidentiality
B.2 Consultations with Colleagues
B.3 Confidential Information in Data Collections

C. Advertising and Public Statements

C.1 Definitions
C.2 False or Deceptive Statements
C.3 Unfounded Statements
C.5 Organisational Misrepresentation
C.4 Misuse of Astrology

D. Business Practices

D.1 Solicitation of Clients
D.5 General Practices
D.4 Fees
D.3 Referrals
D.2 Boundaries

E. Teaching, Writing and Research

E.1 Accuracy and Objectivity
E.3 Crediting and Citing Sources
E.2 Active Participation of Subjects

F. Resolving Ethical Issues

F.1 Confronting Ethical Issues
F.4 Improper Complaints
F.3 Co-operating with Ethics Investigations
F.2 Personal and Religious Views