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Personal chart reading – With Rectification, your chart guides you in many areas of your life:

  • You find out more about who you are and why you react the way you do to certain situations.
  • Find out what it is you are here to achieve.
  • What will bring you the happiness you are seeking.
  • Find out your vocational options and how best to make your resources grow.
  • The chart can advise you on your relationships of all types. How to make them work and where they are going.
  • Will give you pointers on your health issues and how to overcome them.
  • As the birth chart is your map of life, this reading will guide you through life cycles such as Saturn Returns and mid life crisis.
  • The chart will give you direction through your year ahead highlighting opportunities and help you avoid mishaps, thus enabling you to grow to your best potential.
  • If necessary a Horary chart will be included in the reading.


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    Written by Laurie Naughtin

    Well May certainly does NOT start with a bang; in fact we begin the month of May with the breaks on.

    Five planets are hardly moving, they are in their stationary phase before moving out of a retrograde motion or into one.

    As we are affected by the energy from these heavenly bodies, they have time to really get their message across. If any one of them connects with one of your planets it could feel like a never ending challenge.

    Retrograde Mercury brings about miscommunication, trickery, accidents, breakages and system shutdowns. Should a retrograde Mercury transit connect with one of your planets, though frustrating and annoying, it is quick to resolve as Mercury is the fastest moving planet.

    Mercury at this moment, wait for it...yes is stationary, even its retrograde period is slow. It is after all in the fixed earth sign of Taurus. We really do need to keep an eye on our valuables, not enter into any financial schemes, and buff up our security.

    Anything going through Taurus is taking on a practical methodical energy but can also be stubborn and lazy. This Mercury retrograde is going through Taurus; a lazy stubborn Mercury can be a dangerous thing. This energy could be many a thief's downfall. Remember there is a difference between lazy and careful.

    The slower moving planets, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars spend more time connecting with whatever they station on. This will signify a more potent and longer lasting effect than Mercury.

    Now Pluto is a ruthless planet known to have no pity and can be cruel or merciless. He has been stationary since April in Capricorn demanding perseverance, discipline and efficiency at all costs.

    Where Pluto is stationary in your life there will be an intensity of demand. Choose your arguments carefully; it will be wise to be ready for endings and regeneration.

    Pluto's stationary period will have the time to expose inefficiency and lack of discipline within government, governing bodies, corporations and people of power. It is about time those guilty of abusing authority and power, including ourselves, face the music.

    On an even more stressful note death and all types endings occur when Pluto is stationary. Jupiter In Virgo has exposed many terminal illnesses, so we have already been experiencing loss.

    Add this Capricorn Pluto to the picture an unemotional and harsh energy filters through. Everyday life can become dangerous and destructive, struggle and conflict blocks all reason.

    Saturn is moving very slowly in a retrograde motion through Sagittarius, two words come to mind, expansive structure. During this period any structure or restructuring seems like an endless project. So much to do and achieve thwarted due to many delays and in some cases having to start the process all over again.

    Discipline goes out the window during this period. Now is the time to become more responsible , reliable and stable. To keep the area where Saturn is transiting in your life positive, hard work and dedication with a big dose of patience is needed. Many behaviour patterns will require extra development.

    Now as Jupiter is the most expansive planet of them all, wherever he is transiting in our lives we can expect a period of growth and expansion. This triggers big changes within us.

    Jupiter is in Virgo a sign that wants systematic, analytical, attention to detail which is exactly what Jupiter abhors. Virgo demands from Jupiter the things he hates, he feels frustrated like a child in school who just wants to go out and play. Jupiter stationary in the sign of Virgo is akin to detention.

    Jupiter magnifies the area it is transiting through in your chart, it can blow things out of proportion or lift you up as you face the potential possibilities. You can turn bad situations into good. Just patiently work the challenge and remember things will be bigger than anticipated.

    There can be a good and a challenging side to this stationary Jupiter period, the area it is affecting will be intense. We can use this to our advantage focusing deeper as we develop new skills. Stationary Jupiter is a big dose of focused energy giving us time to work on being optimistic or pessimistic...

    A lot of bad health problems and diseases are exposed when Jupiter is in Virgo. This has been evident in the recent deaths of well loves artists due to terminal illness.

    During this period the Zeka virus has come to light. A mosquito that thrives in poor sanitary conditions, carries this virus infecting thousands. Some areas have been declared a state of emergency. When Jupiter strikes he does it in a big way!

    Mars joins the pack as he stations in Sagittarius, Mars loves action, and Sagittarius is an expansive energy. Mars in an expansive sign is stationary, not good. Energy needs to be released in a physical way or frustration can cause flare-ups.

    Expect to see a rise in religious zeal and fanaticism, during this stationary Mars period people are not going to change their view. Exaggeration and troubleshooting will begin to sound like a stuck record. Rather avoid debating politics and religion things will become heated. Some of us may even question our own political or spiritual paths.

    If you are studying, be advised that any marking or results will be a long time in coming. Some may take on too much work and suddenly hit the wall. Focus on one little thing at a time.

    When the slower moving planets go stationary the period will last longer than a Mercury station. Significant events can certainly be expected around this time and they will be potent.

    Around the 22nd Mercury will station before going direct. When this happens Mercury will blindside Saturn, this could bring about a sudden loss. Around the same time Jupiter enters into the game so we can expect to see big shifts in the market. Best to watch your money and investments, this is a bad time for any impulsive moves.

    Political unrest comes to mind, it will be worrying to see who strikes and what happens with unions and radicals over this period. One thing we can bank on is that resolution will not happen any time soon.

    Though the planets are slow the message is not, contact me for a R300 mini reading This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Wow that was cheerful!!! Let's lighten up a bit,

    So many of us have been very ill and left feeling drained. So I decided to see what we can do to boost our energy naturally.

    I was fascinated to find out that dehydration could be a cause of fatigue. In an office we have no control over the central heating or cooling systems. They can really dry out your system resulting in chronic fatigue.

    The solution to this is to drink two glasses of water, the colder the better; it will feel like a virtual wake up slap. Add to this a cold wet facecloth over your face...what a rush!

    Get some Sun and take a 10 minute walk every day, this is a two for one booster as the Sun energises and the exercise gets the blood and oxygen moving.

    Follow this with a mid afternoon snack of an apple, great for energy boosting, with the added benefit of vitamin C, fibre and complex carbohydrates. This mid afternoon apple can pack a punch of energy and stabilize your blood sugar.

    Hmmm, I think I need that walk whilst I eat an apple, followed by icy water. Till next month...Namaste

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