Personal Chart

Personal chart reading – With Rectification, your chart guides you in many areas of your life:

  • You find out more about who you are and why you react the way you do to certain situations.
  • Find out what it is you are here to achieve.
  • What will bring you the happiness you are seeking.
  • Find out your vocational options and how best to make your resources grow.
  • The chart can advise you on your relationships of all types. How to make them work and where they are going.
  • Will give you pointers on your health issues and how to overcome them.
  • As the birth chart is your map of life, this reading will guide you through life cycles such as Saturn Returns and mid life crisis.
  • The chart will give you direction through your year ahead highlighting opportunities and help you avoid mishaps, thus enabling you to grow to your best potential.
  • If necessary a Horary chart will be included in the reading.


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    Mercury is finally moving out of retrograde to direct, moving slowly keeping us on edge and feeling vulnerable! On the 31st of Jan we will notice an intense ability to speak out. So February starts where we have the ability to influence others, to speak up and to be direct.

    Thanks to a conjunction  with Pluto in the practical earth sign Capricorn, Mercury will give us a surge of power to tap into our intellectual and mental abilities. Problem solving, research and finding that mysterious answer will be incredibly satisfying.

    This is a brilliant time where level headed answers, that are the right ones, will come to you easily. Being so focused and standing your ground with your opinions can encounter opposition from others, you may find as much resistance to your ideas  as energy you put into them.